Individual Financial Assistance

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Through Individual Financial Assistance (Medical) the poor, widows, destitute women, orphans and disabled persons are supported for medical treatment. PBM provides medical treatment for major ailments like Cancer, Heart disease, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Vital Organ Surgeries, Kidney Dialysis (as recommended by hospital authorities).

IFA Policy


aa   Fulfilment of immediate need of the poor.
aa   Medical treatment of major ailments and disabilities of the poor patients
aa   Economic empowerment through rehabilitation.

Enrolment Criteria

aa  Assistance is provided to the needy individuals on first come first basis having no support or source of income in following order of priority:-
aa  All poor suffering misery and unable to overcome circumstances within available resources.
aa  The victims of sudden fall in economic status due to unpredictable circumstances.
aa  A person suffering with severe physical or mental disability and unable to earn a livelihood.
aa  A deserving woman who is a widow or divorced or separated with liability to raise her children with no source or regular source of income.
aa   An invalid or infirm person secluded from family or deprived of relatives and having no source of income.
aa   Monthly income not more than Rs.30,000/- 


aa   The Govt. servants (Including those on contract and their family members are not eligible to apply for IFA. Employees serving in public sector, organizations, corporations, autonomous bodies are also not eligible to apply.
aa   The applicant should not be beneficiary of similar subsistance from any other govt. organization.

Salient Features

aa   Any individual can apply for medical finance assistance. PBM provides medical assistance upto Rs. 1.5 million.
aa   Funds released on the basis of recommendations of the designated hospital committees or a Specialist Doctor or Medical Superintendent of Government Hospital.