From the Desk of Managing Director

Social protection to the vulnerable people plays a vital role for an inclusive and balanced growth in developing countries. PBM’s primary aim is to contribute imperatively towards poverty reduction in the country involving the strategic use of tools such as access to health care, education, socio-economic rights, self-reliance, women empowerment and rehabilitation.

I am determined to implement e-governance and digital infrastructure within the organization to reduce response time and to increase transparency, better workflow and efficient information management through shared databases, effective targeting management, and accountability through transaction tracking. Awareness of these services is equally important for community engagement and public private partnerships in social services.

Reaffirming Federal Government’s resolution for the well-being of deprived persons, I’m very much committed for the serenity of the poor, widows, orphans, disabled persons and other vulnerable segments of the country. These milestones will have both short and long-term synergies for the organization. Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our expansion strategy while continuing to strengthen the organization.

May Almighty Allah help us in our endeavor to alleviate the difficulties of the poor and deprived people of Pakistan. Aa’meen!

Managing Director