OCT 2020
  21-10-2020 Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) becomes partner with United Bank Limited in order to ensure transparency and convenience to its beneficiaries by introducing digital payments through Electronic Biometric Verification System
  09-10-2020 Having agenda to streamline the ‘Panahgahs’ in KPK, Special Advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Sania Nishtar accompanied by Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM), Aon Abbas Buppi met with Chief Minister KPK, Mahmood Khan in CM House, Peshawar.
  06-10-2020 ایم ڈی پاکستان بیت المال عون عباس بپی ، ترکی کے پاکستان میں تعینات سفیر احسان مصطفی یردکل ، اور ترکی کے فلاحی تنظیم ٹکا کے سربراہ گکھان امت نے اسلام آباد کے علاقے ترنول میں پاکستان بیت المال اور ٹکا کے باہمی اشتراک سے پناہ گاہ کا سنگ بنیاد رکھ دیا۔
JULY 2020
  23-07-2020 ایم ڈی پاکستان بیت المال عون عباس بپی کی وزیر اعلی پنجاب سردار عثمان بزدار سے ملاقات
  12-07-2020 ایم ڈی پاکستان بیت المال عون عباس بپی ممبر قومی اسمبلی سردار شازین بگٹی کے ہمراہ ڈیرہ بگٹی بلوچستان میں آئی ڈیز بلاسٹ میں معذور ہونے والے افراد اور بیوگان میں مالی امداد کے چیک تقسیم کر رہے ہیں۔
  02-07-2020 Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) achieves another milestone introducing first-ever digital infrastructure to provide quick relief to the poor patients through e-processing.
JUNE 2020
  04-06-2020 Managing Director PBM Aon Abbas Buppi witnessing handing-taking ceremony; Muslim Aid Pakistan hands over necessary equipment for Women Empowerment Centre of PBM in Islamabad
APRIL 2020
  29-04-2020 Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) distributes Ration Bags among the transgender community of Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  08-04-2020 In the presence of Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal PBM), MoU documents being exchanged between PBM and Telenor Microfinance Bank Ltd in order to support the widows and the persons with disabilities at their doorstep
MARCH 2020
  12-03-2020 Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM), Aon Abbas Buppi and Acting Country Director of Peny Appeal Charity organization, Muhammad Ishaq signing the documents of MoU to provide Ration Bags and Fitrana to the deserving families during Holy Month of Ramazan
  22-01-2020 ............صدر مملکت جناب ڈاکٹر محمد عارف علوی کی پاکستان بیت المال ہیڈ آفس اسلام آباد آمد
  09-01-2020 Managing Director PBM, Aon Abbas Buppi and Chairman ICMA Adil Amin exchanging the documents of MoU to support the deserving students in Islamabad...
  11-12-2019 Managing Director PBM Aon Abbas Buppi and Vice President Business Development ABCTE Iftikhar Qadar exchanging the MoU documents regarding skill development certifications for PBM teachers, in the presence of Federal Minister for Defence Production Zobaida Jalal in Islamabad...
  28-11-2019 Disclaimer - Fake News....
  21-11-2019 Managing Director PBM Aon Abbas Buppi, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan and SAPM on CDA affairs Ali Nawaz Awan presenting Accessories Box of Cochlear Implant to father of the child in CDA Hospital, Islamabad....
  20-11-2019 Managing Director PBM Aon Abbass Buppi, Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul and MNA Sajida Khattak celebrating Universal Children's Day with the children of Dar ul Ehsaas in Islamabad....
  05-11-2019 Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal, Aon Abbas Buppi offering Dua after inaugurating Dar-ul-Ehsaas (orphanage) in Jhang....
  03-10-2019 MD PBM Aon Abbas Buppi and CEO Novartis Imran Bashir exchanging MoU regarding e-processing for the medical treatment....
  24-09-2019 Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan H.E. Ehsaan Mustafa Yurdakul and his spouse alongwith MD PBM Aon Abbas Buppi inaugurating Dar-ul-Ehsaas....
  18-09-2019 MD PBM, Aon Abbas Buppi addressing a National Conference on Child Rights in International Islamic University, Islamabad....