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Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal School
for Rehabilitation of Child Labour


  International Labour Organization (ILO) through its International Program for Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) conducted a survey in 1996, which indicated 3.3(m) children between the ages of 5-14 years who were engaged in hazardous child labour in Pakistan. Child labour is another issue where state intervention has become necessary in the context of the rights of the child. The National Policy and Plan of Action on Child Labour focus on the immediate elimination of worst and most hazardous forms of child labour. Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal School for Rehabilitation of Child Labour have been established countrywide since 1995. Children between the age of 5-14 years are weaned away from hazardous labour and enrolled in these centres where they are provided free education, clothing, footwear and stipend as well as subsistence allowance to their parents. Present strength of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal School for Rehabilitation of Child Labour centres is 159 (Punjab - 73, Sindh - 37, Khyber Pakhtunkwa + FATA - 24, Balochistan - 14, ICT/AJK & N.A - 11). At present 17,871 students (Male & Female separately) are benefiting from primary education in these centers. 




    Wean away children from the hazardous child labour environment 
    Impart primary education to them in conducive class room environment 
  Afford opportunities for secondary and higher education to bring them into the mainstream of social milieu


  Enrolment Criteria


Existence of hazardous industry / bonded labour in following categories:-
  Brick-kiln, Carpet, Mining, Tannery, Construction, Glass Bangle, Domestic Work, Begging, Agriculture
    Availability of 120 Children up to the age of  8 - 14
    Availability of Child labour for five years
  Recommendation of  Prov. / Reg. Labour Department and Ministry of Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis guidelines


Salient Features


  Standard students strength of a centre is 120.
  Daily stipend @ Rs.10/- on attendance basis is paid to each student through the parents accounts
 Parents receive subsistence allowance @ Rs.300/- per month as wage compensation
  Primary level syllabus is taught in 4 years through informal education head of his educational institute
    Summer vacations and local holidays are not observed
  19574 have passed out and 11858 have been admitted in Government schools for higher education
  Rs.4100 per annum are spent by PBM for further education of the passed out students i.e. Rs.1200/- per annum as education stipend, Rs.500/- for purchase of books & stationery and subsistence allowance for the parents @ Rs.2400/-




Presently 19888 trainees are  benefiting from training in these schools, whereas 190222 trainees have been passed out.