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Child Support Programme (CSP)


  In Pakistan, most of the poor families, especially those living in the poverty – ridden belts, are unable to access basic social services. Cash support programme linked with investment in human capital proved to be an effective way of breaking vicious cycle of intergenerational poverty and for provision of early formal education. Hence, in 2005 Government of Pakistan, assuring its commitment to achieve goal of Universalization of Primary Education under Millennium Development Goals,  approved first Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme of the country i.e., Child Support Program (CSP).  PBM stands predominant, first ever welfare organization to instigate the CSP complementing with National Social Protection Strategy. The intervention, designed with technical collaboration of the World Bank, aimed to provide a continuum of community based services for children and families.
PBM mobilizes funds from the Government of Pakistan (GoP) and distributes them as a cash subsidy to eligible beneficiaries for sending their children aged between 5-16 year to school to get primary education. Additional cash incentive is being paid to the eligible beneficiaries @ Rs. 300/- per month to the families with one child and Rs. 600/- per month to the families with two or more than two children. The programme comprises of four interlinked process i.e. Targeting (BISP Score Card), enrolment, compliance and payments. All the processes are automated through Management Information System (MIS). Further enhancement and improvement are being incorporated through practices and learning.




Our vision is “The provision of education at the door step of every poor child of Pakistan”




Our mission is Respectable social life for the poor by increasing their   literacy level through allured monetary benefits.”




   To increase the enrolment rate in primary education towards the achievement of Universal Primary Education
   To increase attendance level
   To reduce dropout ratio
   To provide additional resources to larger and poor families   
   To promote the investment in human capital in order to reduce poverty




   BISP/FSP beneficiary
   Having school going children aged between 5-14 years
   Below PMT cut off point (indicating minimum poverty level)



       Gallup Pakistan evaluation (2010) exhibits that CSP pilot led to 11.65% increase in enrolments of pilot districts i.e., Bhakkar, Tharparkar and Kohistan.
   The School program increased the enrolments of both males and females; but the impact on females’ enrolments was larger in magnitude i.e. 13.74%in female Students & 9.06% in Male Students